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WELLDONE Studio is a subteam of DSRV that specializes in creating tools for web3 developers. We offer a suite of products that integrate disparate web3 development experiences to assist builders in developing more naturally and simply. We goal is to make the Web3 experience more familiar for developers and to help them realize their full potential.

The products offered by WELLDONE Studio include WELLDONE Wallet, WELLDONE AddChain, and WELLDONE Code. WELLDONE Wallet allows users to create an account in a multi-chain environment with a single click and manage assets across any network. AddChain allows users to simply add a network, and WELLDONE Code allows users to easily deploy and execute contracts to multi-networks in a Remix IDE environment. Our team plans to support more networks in the future and to provide a standardized and integrated multi-chain development environment for developers.

Our Roadmap

Our Brand

WELLDONE Studio is a leading developer of blockchain tools and solutions. Our flagship product, WELLDONE Code, is a web-based IDE that supports multiple blockchain protocols including Ethereum, NEAR, Celo, and Klaytn. The tool is designed to streamline the building process for developers, providing them with a single platform for all their web3 building needs. In addition to WELLDONE Code, we also offer WELLDONE Wallet, a multi-chain wallet that supports popular protocols such as Ethereum, Celo, Klaytn, and NEAR. The wallet is designed to provide users with a seamless and secure way to manage their digital assets across multiple blockchain networks. Our mission is to empower developers and users alike to easily navigate and build on multiple blockchain protocols, thus enabling them to fully realize the potential of web3 technology. With our cutting-edge tools and solutions, we strive to make the blockchain ecosystem more accessible and user-friendly.

Our Members