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Developer Guide


If you wish to add a new network that does not yet exist on the AddChain, request it directly on the GitHub Repository.

Please refer to the example on the README then place the .json data of the network you would like to add into the relevant network in the data folder. Once your pull request is merged, the change will be reflected directly on our AddChain website.

Using dapp:addChain Method

The dapp:addChain method in the WELLDONE Wallet allows you to add new chains that do not exist in the Welldone Wallet directly at the front end.

window.dapp.request(chainName: string, (
method: "dapp:addChain",
params: [chainData]

Currently, Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana-based chains may be added, and each chain-specific section below offers instructions on what has to be provided to the params for each network.