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Cosmos params

To add Cosmos-compatible networks to the WELLDONE wallet, send the following object as a factor to params. The following is the standard for the Cosmos ecosystem suggested by Keplr wallet.

interface Currency {
coinDenom: string;
coinMinimalDenom: string;
coinDecimals: number;
interface ChainData {
// Identifier to distinguish the chain
chainId: string;
// The name of the chain to be displayed to the user.
chainName: string;
// RPC endpoint of the chain
rpc: string;
// REST endpoint of the chain.
rest: string;
// BIP44 path
bip44: {
// We recommend using 118(Cosmos Hub) as this would provide good Ledger hardware wallet compatibility by utilizing the Cosmos Ledger app.
coinType: number;
// Bech32 config using the address prefix of the chain
bech32Config: {
bech32PrefixAccAddr: string;
bech32PrefixAccPub: string;
bech32PrefixValAddr: string;
bech32PrefixValPub: string;
bech32PrefixConsAddr: string;
bech32PrefixConsPub: string;
// Information on the staking token of the chain
stakeCurrency: {
coinDenom: string;
coinMinimalDenom: string;
coinDecimals: number;
// List of all coin/tokens used in this chain.
currencies: Array<Currency>;
// List of coin/tokens used as a fee token in this chain.
feeCurrencies: Array<Currency>;
// (Optional) The number of the coin type.
// This field is only used to fetch the address from ENS.
// Ideally, it is recommended to be the same with BIP44 path's coin type.
// However, some early chains may choose to use the Cosmos Hub BIP44 path of '118'.
// So, this is separated to support such chains.
coinType: number;
// (Optional) This is used to set the fee of the transaction.
// If this field is not provided, Keplr extension will set the default gas price as (low: 0.01, average: 0.025, high: 0.04).
// Currently, Keplr doesn't support dynamic calculation of the gas prices based on on-chain data.
// Make sure that the gas prices are higher than the minimum gas prices accepted by chain validators and RPC/REST endpoint.
gasPriceStep: {
low: number;
average: number;
high: number;
// (Optional)
explorer: string;


The following is an example that the addition of a Cosmos-based Osmosis testnet (osmo-test-4). To connect the Osmosis Testnet to the WELLDONE Wallet, click the Add Chain button. You must first connect to your wallet using the dapp:accounts method before using the dapp:addChain method.

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