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Using Add Chain Site

The AddChain webpage provided by the WELLDONE Wallet makes your life much easier by letting you add networks seamlessly.

1. Search Chain and Connect Wallet

To begin, search for the chain you want to add, and click the Connect Wallet button at the top to grant access to your wallet. The button will change to Add Chain once the WELLDONE Wallet is successfully linked to the website.

Connect Wallet Connect Wallet

2. Add Chain

Select the RPC node you wish to connect to in the Select node box by clicking the Add to Wallet button for the network you want to add: Choose a node, then press the Add to Wallet button.

Connect Wallet


All That Node

The user can connect to the node provider's local node or the RPC node. We strongly advise you to use DSRV's All That Node (ATN), a multi-chain node platform that supports over 20 distinct protocols. Using ATN nodes makes it simple to employ multiple chain RPC nodes on a single platform seamlessly.

WELLDONE Wallet Extension would go active, then the Add Network window displays as seen below: To confirm that the network has been successfully added to your wallet, click the Accept button in the corresponding box. If the Deny button is selected, the error User denied added chain is returned.

Using WELLDONE Wallet

The WELLDONE Wallet provides the ability to add networks internally. Please follow the link below.