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Chain Names

The chain name that we support is as follows. These names are included in our provider method's CHAIN_NAME argument to allow access to the multi-networks using the same interface.

Chain NameChainHD Path
celestiaCelestiam/44'/118'/0'/0/ (celestia's default hd path)
celoCelom/44'/52752'/0'/0/ (celo's default hd path)
m/44'/60'/0'/0/ (ethereum compatible hd path)
cosmosCosmosm/44'/118'/0'/0/ (cosmos's default hd path)
ethereumEthereumm/44'/60'/0'/0/ (ethereum compatible hd path)
junoJunom/44'/118'/0'/0/ (juno's default hd path)
klaytnKlaytnm/44'/8217'/0'/0/ (klaytn's default hd path)
m/44'/60'/0'/0/ (ethereum's default hd path)
nearNEARm/44'/397'/0'/0/ (near's default hd path)
neonNeonm/44'/60'/0'/0/ (ethereum compatible hd path)
solanaSolanam/44'/501'/0'/0/ (solana's default hd path)