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dapp provider emits two events through the EventEmitter API on Node.js.

1. accountsChanged

  • The dapp:accountsChanged event is triggered when an account change is detected inside the network. Returns the account address and public key as the input argument from a callback function.
type CHAIN_NAME = 'ethereum' | 'cosmos' | 'near' | 'solana' | 'klaytn' | 'celo' | 'neon';

interface ACCOUNT_INFO {
address: string;
pubKey: string;

window.dapp.on('dapp:accountsChanged', (currentAccount: Record<CHAIN_NAME, ACCOUNT_INFO>) => {
ethereum: {
address: "0x....",
pubKey: "0x....",

2. chainChanged

  • The dapp:chainChanged event is triggered when a network change inside the chain is identified. Returns the network as modified by the input argument on a callback function.
window.dapp.on('dapp:chainChanged', (currentNetwork: string) => {
console.log(currentNetwork); //celo:0xf370