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Since the smart contract development environment differs from networks, developers must reconstruct the development environment whenever the targeted network changes. It puts a lot of pressure on Web3 voyagers who are trying to navigate the new chain. As a result, WELLDONE Studio now offers WELLDONE Code, which allows developers who want to navigate the multi-chain to focus entirely on developing and testing smart contracts without having to worry about the complex development environment.

WELLDONE Code is a Remix IDE Plugin. Remix is a web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Solidity programming language, which is used to write smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain. Remix allows developers to write, test, and debug EVM-based smart contracts in a convenient and user-friendly interface. Using WELLDONE Code, developers can easily develop and test smart contracts in Remix IDE for non-EVM networks such as NEAR and Cosmos, in addition to EVM-compatible networks.

WELLDONE Code is a wonderful tool for onboarding developers in any blockchain ecosystem since it allows them to write smart contracts without the need for building a separate development environment.

Start a multi-chain voyage with the WELLDONE Code!