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Getting Started

Since the smart contract development environment differs from networks, developers must reconstruct the development environment whenever the targeted network changes.

Using the web-based Remix IDE, developers can quickly write and test EVM-based smart contracts.

WELLDONE Studio also offers WELLDONE Code, which allows chains backed by WELLDONE wallets to write smart contracts in Remix IDE for non-EVM networks, in addition to EVM-compatible networks.

WELLDONE Code is a wonderful tool for onboarding developers in any blockchain ecosystem since it allows them to write smart contracts without the need for building a separate development environment.


  1. Multi-chain support
  2. Simple way to deploy contracts and perform functions.

How to connect to Remix

Follow the instructions at

  • In the left bar, select Plugin Manager.
  • Select the Connect to a Local Plugin option.

Plugin Manager

  • Enter the plugin and display names.
  • In the URL column, type
  • Select OK.

Local Plugin

  • The new plugin may now be found in the left bar.
  • Select the required chain by clicking New Plugin.


If you encounter a problem, please report it to the Github Repository.