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Welcome to the WELLDONE Studio developer documentation. WELLDONE Studio creates the tools that web3 developers require the most. Integrating disparate web3 development experiences to assist builders in developing more naturally and simply. We are always thinking about ways to make Web3 more familiar for builders. We exist to help you realize your full potential and aim your efforts in the appropriate direction. These considerations have resulted in the following tools in WELLDONE Studio.

WELLDONE Wallet allows you to create an account in a multi-chain environment with a single click. AddChain allows you to simply add a network, and WELLDONE Code allows you to easily deploy and execute contracts to multi-networks in a Remix IDE environment. We think that only an integrated multi-chain development environment can help Web3 builders to unleash their potential.

Let's go through the fundamentals to get you started on your Web3 programming adventure.


A single wallet for all your assets

The wallet is geared for Web3 development that lets you manage assets across any network without any limits. If you are tired of managing assets distributed across networks with a plethora of wallets, we are glad that you are here. Start your Web3 experience combined into WELLDONE Wallet that supports a plethora of networks. Celestia, Celo, Cosmos, Ethereum, Juno, Klaytn, NEAR, Neon, Solana, Neutron, Aptos, and Sui are presently supported by WELLDONE Wallet. We are planning to support more networks in near future.

Universal Provider

Level up your performance with a single provider. For developers that want more.

The Universal Provider is the most efficient library designed for Web3 developers, allowing you to enjoy the development experience by integrating Web 3.0 providers into a single API. It eliminates complicated development procedures and simply connects to considerable chains of networks, allowing you to focus on the services that you are building.

How to use


Multi-Chain Plugin

WELLDONE Code is a useful Remix IDE plugin that allows you to deploy and test smart contracts from a plethora of networks in a single Remix IDE. You may have noticed that you need to reconstruct the development environment according to the target network to that you are going to deploy contracts. We provide a fundamental setting that supports multiple smart contract development environments in which developers may concentrate on the development itself.

Three chains are now supported by WELLDONE Code: Celo, Klaytn, NEAR, Juno, Sui, and Aptos. We also plans to support other chains.

How to use

  • Please refer to the following guide to deploy contracts using WELLDONE Code.
  • You are recommended to look at the documentation to get more profound ideas on WELLDONE Code.

What's next for WELLDONE Studio

WELLDONE Studio provides standardized tools to assist Web3 builders in creating value from a consistent experience centered on three basic values: Universal, Contributing, and Pioneering.

We will enable more different networks in the future to continue to support developers to enjoy a more consistent experience in a multi-chain ecosystem. We also plan to allow existing SDKs to inject and utilize WELLDONE Wallet.

Please follow the developer guides below if you are interested in building your web3 projects using WELLDONE Studio products.

  1. WELLDONE Wallet Developer Guide
  2. WELLDONE AddChain Developer Guide
  3. WELLDONE Code Guide

Have fun!

We are delighted to have you here and look forward to enjoying the journey on web3 world. Hello and welcome to the WELLDONE community!