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Sending Transactions


The undeniable but fundamental activity in the web3 universe is Send Transactions. This action can invoke simple token transfers, the creation of new smart contracts, or change the status of the blockchain in a variety of ways. When the dApp is linked to the WELLDONE Wallet, you may use the dapp:sendTransaction function to send a transaction request.

Transactions are often sent in the following formats: CHAIN NAME and TRANSACTION PARAMETER are two parameters. CHAIN NAME is the name of the chain to which you wish to join, and TRANSACTION PARAMETER is the value of converting the transaction to a string type. Because each chain's transaction format differs, the WELLDONE Wallet delivers the transaction by receiving the deserialized format into a string type, as seen below.

type CHAIN_NAME = 'ethereum' | 'cosmos' | 'near' | 'solana' | 'klaytn' | 'celo' | 'neon' | 'juno';

const response = await dapp.request(CHAIN_NAME, {
method: 'dapp:sendTransaction',
const txHash = response;

Despite the fact that the same procedure is utilized across networks, there is little change in the parameters that must be supplied for each network. Each chain-specific section below provides details on how to send requests by the chain.