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Create the Project

Step 1: When writing a smart contract in Celo, write a contract with Solidity like Ethereum.

Step 2: Select a contract file you have written.

Select Project

Compile the Contract

Step 1: If you select a contract file you want to compile, then Compile button will be activated.

Step 2: Click the Compile button.

Project Compile

Deploy the Contract


The WELLDONE Wallet automatically finds and imports networks associated with your wallet address. As a result, before deploying, you should choose whether you want to send a transaction to mainnet or testnet.

Step 1: If you have a compiled contract code, then Deploy button will be activated.

Step 2: Click the Deploy button and click the Send Tx button in the WELLDONE Wallet to sign the transaction.


Step 3: A transaction success log will be printed to the terminal and the contract can be executed if contract deployment is successful.

Tx Success Log


Execute the Contract


There are two ways to import contracts.

  1. Automatically import contracts deployed through the above process.
  2. Import existing deployed contracts through At Address button.

Step 1: Select the method to run.

Step 2: Add parameters as you needed.

Step 3: Run the method via clicking call or transaction button. If you are sending a transaction, you must sign the transaction by clicking the Send Tx button in the WELLDONE Wallet.

Deployed Contract